What's AnoTalk?

AnoTalk 2.0 gives the ability to talk without telling your name with keeping your anonimity and giving only your gender and age group. Your future chatpartner will not know anything about you except for the information you share with them.


Other features

AnoTalk 2.0 has many improvements, although we do not want to change the base idea behind our website.

Gender groups

You can have chats in three gender groups.


You can express yourself with our own emojis.

Smart Connection

You can get back to your conversation in 20 minutes if your network goes down.

Only a dating site? No way!

Maybe you visit this site for the first time and you assume it's a simple dating site.
Over the internet there are several simple dating websites.

However, AnoTalk is completely different. Although it can be used for dating purposes, the chatters are the ones who decide what they use it for.
It can be used for fun, for meeting new people, spending your time, for simple conversations, instead of boredom, or anything else you want for.

However, what do we mean by saying the chatters are who decide what they really use it for?
You can have many reasons why you wouln't be in a relationship with your chatpartner, but you can have fun while talking to them.

That's why AnoTalk is dynamic, varied, various. You can't know whether your next chatpartner is the one in your life, or just a new friend. You can know completely new personalities, people fully randomly.

AnoTalk is essentially not a dating website, but just a simple chatting website. You do not have to provide your data, you do not have to sign up and it is completely free. You can talk to real people and before the conversation, you only have to give your gender and age group. After that, you click the Find partner button. The system chooses somebody for you from the other people who want to talk.
The way of the talking depend on the two chatpartners. Whether they send a picture about themselves, whether they tell where they live and anything else.


Does anyone know who I am?

No, your chat partners will only know information you share with them.

Why is it good to talk to strangers?

It is not frequent to think it is good to talk to people you do not know. Although, there are many advantages and positive sides why it is great to talk to strangers. Also, it can be a very good thing to talk to people like they do not know who you are, and you do not know who you are talking with.

First, it is good to meet new people. Even if you use AnoTalk to have fun, you get new experiences; you know different personalities and people. Maybe you talk to people here who you would never talk to elsewhere. Maybe you get connected to a chatter who changes your life – but apart from this, this is definitely not the only reason why somebody can use AnoTalk. Although it can be greatly used for dating, it is not the main purpose of the site. There are also many people who are in a happy relationship and use AnoTalk for other purposes. Using AnoTalk is a great way of spending time next to the advantages it has. For example, if it is hard for you to begin conversations with people, you can try that here without responsibilites – as here people do not even know who you are. This can help solve your problems and can help reaching the state where you can talk to strangers easier in the real life.

Another great advantage is the already mentioned fact that users are completely strangers and anonymous on our site. This can be greatly used, for example to develop your communication skills and things like that. However, there are boundaries. Please never write harmful, insulting things to other people, as you can never know who you talk to and what state he/she is in. We can know how people who we would never talk to live, think, communicate. You can get life experience. You can totally randomly find your soul partner who is maybe able to understand you on a level that nobody has understood you before. Maybe you can have a funny conversation which you would never have with people who know who you are. On AnoTalk, you are not between boundaries. Here you are completely free.

Using the advantages of internet and AnoTalk, you can get lot of experiences that previously have been hard to get.

How to have a meaningful conversation with strangers

Talking with strangers and having a meaningful interesting conversation is not an easy task. It has certain limits to it which should not be crossed or otherwise it will become a forced conversation session instead of being something the other person wants. When you are having a conversation online through any platform like a website AnoTalk it is very important to start the conversation with good gestures and have an impact on another person from the very start. Make sure that by the end of the conversation both persons should not be strangers any more in terms of knowing each other better. Since AnoTalk is an anonymous platform for conversation, the privacy right of another person should be respected. If both persons want to disclose their true identity to each other because they feel some spark and want to meet personally in the future then it is alright.

Having a meaningful conversation sometimes means that you listen more and talk less. Everyone wants to be heard. Be a good listener and chip in where ever you feel comfortable. Make sure that the other person knows that you are all ears to them. Getting to know each other starts with the simple sharing of habits, likes, dislikes, and hobbies. This may sound small but these little steps become the building blocks for a long-term relationship with someone unknown. Getting to know each other is the first step towards an interesting conversation. Finding commonalities between your habits and likings is a plus point in making the conversation more valuable. For example, the habit of reading is a good thing if found in both strangers. This will develop a strong bond while having a conversation and both parties could talk more and more without getting bored. Giving follow up remarks to the questions and answers of the other person makes them more attentive towards the conversation and will lead to a more meaningful end of discussion on a positive note.

The main ingredient of having a meaningful conversation is to be yourself. A lot of people deviate from their originality in order to impress the other person but it backfires most of the time. So, being yourself is the best advice for having a conversation with a stranger. For example, if you say that you love book reading just to impress the other person and in reality, you haven't read a single book. This may impress the person momentarily but as the conversation goes forward there might be questions that would show that you are not an abundant reader as you claim to be. This will be a barrier in a successful conversation and will create a negative impression in the eyes of another person.

Respect is a must characteristic that two strangers should show towards each other. If the other person does not feel like talking make sure that they are comfortable. Forcing someone else to talk will only be at your disadvantage. Feel the vibe of the conversation and talk accordingly. If the other person does not want to talk about a lot of personal questions then don’t force them. Give them time and act wisely.


If you are under 13, you can't use the website. Between 13-16 years, you need your parents' permission.